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Christmas & Queens
A Joyous, Original, Contemporary
Holiday Album.
Stuff it in your stocking once and it will be played
for years to come... The perfect gift.

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Mody Company Creative

56 West Main :: Norwich, NY 13815
Tom Mody :: 607-336-6233

CD Song Sampler

  SPCA Promo

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for sampling the above songs and hopefully supporting our little project. Many long hours went into the writing, recording and production of this album. It was a labor of love with very talented young ladies who sacrificed their time over the summer of 2014 to complete the recording and were rewarded with local support as they experience the joy of giving to their local charities of choice from your generous purchases of our music. We hope this album brings you many years of holiday cheer and family enjoyment... Tom Mody
Over $700 raised
in CD sales
have benefited...

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Christmas carol song CD album
Christmas songs album to benefit SPCA animals

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